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Welcome to Alex's Webpage


Sorry I haven't updated lately, school has me kinda busy.

Not to worry, plenty of fresh ideas and things to bitch about now.



Why Doesn't the Green Lantern Have His Own Movie Yet?  *Last Updated* 8/17/03

World's Stupidest "Heroes."  *Last Updated* 8/22/03

Things that I HATE.  *Updated* 11/3/03

Guide to Life.  *Brand Spanking New*  11/30/03

Funny Stuff That ONLY Happens to Me  *Brand Spanking New*  12/11/03


It started as a place to bitch about super heroes... now its just a place to bitch.


*By the way... that AWESOME gif green lantern icon was taken from a super awesome Green Lantern Webpage, I wish I could make stuff like that!