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The Many Faces of the Dark Knight


Adam West - The first Batman...  So THATS what robin is good for...

Adam:  Hey Burt Burt... bend over...



Burt:  But Batman!






Michael Keaton - The first movie Batman.  Hey everyone!  Good thing this mask hides exactly how ugly I am.

The Joker was pretty sick in my movie though!  That was probably the only good thing about my movie.  My second movie had a whip toting Catwoman.

Its the rubber suit... chicks dig it.  Where's my Robin?


Val Kilmer - I'm the blonde one.  I think I personally am better looking than the previous Batman, but it doesn't matter, we all look exactly the same under this mask.  My car was cooler than the other ones.  Plus I got Nicole Kidman.

I got a Robin.

But Jim Carrey whooped my ass...


George Clooney - At the end of MY movie, my suit got cooler!  Not only do I get Robin... I scored a Batgirl.

Too bad my movie was just one big joke.  It had all the WHAM and BAM sounds of Adam West's shows.



Why were there so many damn Batmen?  Probably because when he put the mask on, they all look EXACTLY the same.  Poor Michael Keaton though... no Robin to mess around with.

I am fully aware how shitty this page ended with the last 3 Batmen... But the Adam West one was good. 

The Green Lanterns would have multiple actors but wouldn't be stupid enough to make them all the same people.  The audience isn't that STUPID.  Plus there isn't a sidekick to molest.  Sickos