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So I Think I Briefly Went Insane Today...


First post in a long time, bear with me, cause I'm a little rusty.


So today, I think I lost my mind.  It was a disturbing experience.  I guess I'm glad that it wasn't permanent.  So I grab an apple out of the refrigerator.  I then proceed to pull the stupid sticker off and then stick it to the countertop like I always do.  What happens next is where I think I lost my mind.  I then pull the same sticker off the apple again.  The sticker wasn't on the countertop at all, in fact, it was still on the apple.  After I was completely sure that I had just pulled it off.  At that point, I was pretty weirded out.  I just pulled a sticker off an apple twice.  The sticker even came off the apple the exact same way.  It disappeared off the countertop and was magically back on the apple.

Someone pointed out that perhaps the sticker had actually stuck to my hand and I accidentally placed the sticker back onto the apple without realizing it.  I am going to have to rule this theory out because the sticker was in the same exact place that it was originally removed from.  And it offered the same amount of resistance in the same way that stupid apple stickers resist.  I am convinced that I did it twice.

Another theory is that there were two stickers.  I can easily rule that out because the sticker that I had just removed and stuck onto the counter was not there.  It simply was not where I had placed it.

Could I have imagined that I peeled the sticker off an apple and then immediately tried to do so in the same manner?  Maybe I hallucinated the second removal of the sticker after seeing that I had just done so.  Either way makes me seem slightly insane.

This has been bugging me all day.  It was seriously like pull the sticker off, stick it to the counter, just as I'm about to wash the damn apple, I'm like... "damn, gotta pull the sticker off... AGAIN?  WHOA... WHAT THE FUCK?  Holy shit... where is the other sticker?"

Is the heat getting to me?  Stress maybe?  Or maybe I've just finally cracked?  I dunno.  It sure was a good apple though...