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By request from a good friend, here he is.  Ma-Ti the fucking heart kid from Captain Planets and the Planeteers.  He was the most useless of the 5 in my opinion.  They tried to make a diverse group and when they his South America and ran out of cool elements, they gave this kid "heart."  That's great but in a fight, how's heart gonna save his life?  Maybe he'll show his attackers that he's a lover not a fighter and they wont want to beat him up.  Highly doubtful.

When they were passing out elements, this kid got seriously short changed.


Kwame, from Africa, got earth.

Wheeler, from North America, got fire. (the best one in my opinion)

The girl from Russia, Linka, got the power of wind.

Then the girl from Asia, Gi, got water.

Ma-Ti from South America got heart.


I think I speak for all of us and Ma-Ti when I say:  WHAT THE FUCK?

If they want him to be a useful superhero, they should have given him a useful super power.  The guy from Africa can make vines grow and stuff.  Wheeler can throw fireballs and burn shit.  The two girls can also control their power in similar ways.  I have NEVER seen Ma-Ti do ANYTHING with his ring other than be the last guy to summon Captain Planet.  My good friend who wanted to see Ma-Ti get bashed brings up a good point.  His only purpose is to bring out Captain Planet.  The team does just as well without him.  He's completely useless, stupid and probably gets in the way.

If you liked Ma-Ti and thought he was important, you are also just as stupid as he is useless.