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The Great Superman


Look at all the Superman attempts.  I didn't place them in any particular order, so don't think that one is cooler than the other.  (well maybe George Reeves' award winning super grin down at the end)  They each had their good aspects to them.  Christopher Reeve made Superman movies, although the 4th one could have used some better special effects.  Dean Cain got so into being in the tights I haven't seen him in anything else.  (That's cool, I guess)  I have no idea who that guy in the middle is but it looks like he's scared of some moldy cheese.  Way to go Superman...  The new Superman from the WB is picking on a human, real tough.  (Jerk)  And then there's George Reeves all the way to the right.  He's the man...

Why are there so many different Supermen?  Who do they think they are?  Only the Green Lantern is cool enough to have a zillion members running around protecting the universe.  That's why they're the Green Lantern Corps.  Superman Corps. just sounds silly.