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So much to say about this guy.  Congratulations to Banshee, he was blessed with the power of being able to scream like a bitch.  It's kind of a useful power.  If he ever gets mugged, he can scream out in fear and accidentally kill his attackers.

Seriously, Banshee is one of the stupidest characters ever imagined.  His little cape thing he has going looks ridiculous.  They aren't wings, its not really a cape, its just completely useless.  Banshee's power is stupid, and to make things worse, his costume is stupid.  That poor bastard.

I guess he isn't completely useless, he fathered a daughter who actually has a useful ability.  Just kidding, those unoriginal bastards created Siryn.  Get this... Siryn has the EXACT same power that Banshee has, except that when she's screaming, she both sounds like and is a bitch.

Banshee sucks... but not as much as Robin.