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I am impressed, this robin costume looks less stupid than the other one!  Actually it looks exactly the same.  Who does this guy think he is fooling?  He's not cool and he's not dangerous looking.  He looks like a circus act (which coincidently the first Robin, Dick Grayson, was a part of).  But seriously, Batman and Robin live in Gotham City, the whole comic has dark colors unless The Rainbow Wonder Robin shows up.  GOTH-am City, there is nothing goth about this clown.  What the hell Robin?

A recent issue of Stuff magazine had Robin as the #1 most useless "hero."  I'd agree if Robin were actually a hero.  But Stuff has a good point, all Robin has going for him is the following:

1)  He's got no responsibilities.

2)  He's great at riding shotgun.

3)  He can hide behind Batman's cape.

Robin is completely useless.  Shit...