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Green Lantern BRIEF History


The Green Lantern is not just one super hero.  The few known GL's are actually usually a part of a corporation of super heroes that all go by the name Green Lantern.  There are usually 2 or 3 (in earth's case sometimes 9) GL's protecting it.  The most well known Green Lantern is Hal Jordan, the second Green Lantern to earth.

The Green Lantern's are made of many aliens as well as humans, some are so strange looking they can't even be described. 

The Green Lanterns were actually eventually destroyed along with their power rings.  The last remaining ring was sent to the future to a descendant of Kyle Rayner (due to the ring only working with his genetic signature), probably the last True Green Lantern of earth.  He was also eventually sent to the future to guide her on her brief mission and was given back his ring.

Hal is the one above while Kyle is the one below.

If the movie industry got tired of Hal, they could make a movie about Kyle, and so on... The possibilities are endless.