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Why Doesn't the Green Lantern Have a Movie?


The Green Lantern is by far the best of the super heroes.  Why doesn't he have his own movie?  I'll tell you why.  The other super heroes are afraid of getting their movies beat by the Green Lantern's and they are trying to keep this great guy down.  Other heroes just can't compete with the Lantern's greatness.  Well they're not so tough.  The Lantern would kill these idiots in seconds.

There's The Hulk*Updated*  8/17/03

Then take Spider-Man

Don't forget Dare Devil!

Oh man, check out Superman.

Of course also Batman.

Catwoman.  Can you believe it?  One of Batman's girlfriends.

Dr. Strange.  How the hell did this guy get a movie deal?  *NEW*

Check back soon.  I'll add new "heroes" the Lantern is better than.

The movie industry is stupid not to buy up rights to make the Green Lantern movie.  There are zillions, literally zillions, of Green Lantern's out there.  They have one, two, or nine protecting each sector, that has infinite sequel possibilities.

Sectors? Zillions of Green Lanterns? What the hell am I talking about you ask?  A little history on the Green Lantern.