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Dr. Strange

How did this guy get his own movie deal while the Green Lantern doesn't?  Look at this guy.  Who in the world thinks that this guy is cooler, dare I say better than GL?  This guy has magical powers like no other but there is no way that he is more popular than GL and actually deserves a movie over our favorite hero.

All that is happening is the DC universe is exhausted after the fairly recent flops of Batman and Superman.  The Marvel universe is getting their shot at the big bucks. 

Dr. Strange got lucky and is jumping on the Marvel movie craze bandwagon.  They'll have a field day with their computer animation of this flying rainbow.  They can Photoshop all the pretty colors of this magician.  Maybe they should have David Copperfield of David Blane play this guy.  Then instead of being a 2 hour piece of shit, it can be a MAGICAL 2 hour piece of shit.  What do you guys think?

Wow! That was amazing...  Dr. Strange is going to be a movie about a magician.  How in the world is he going to be a super hero?  He gonna pull a damn rabbit out of his hat.  Maybe it'll be the rabbit from Monty Python's Search For The Holy Grail.  But then, it'd be the rabbit kicking some ass, not Dr. Strange.

"Where's the beast?"

"Right there!"

"Is it behind the rabbit?"

"No, Dr. Strange is behind the rabbit.  The beast IS the rabbit"

The Green Lantern could kill this guy so fast.  While Dr. Strange cries over his dead rabbit, and thinks about pulling something stupid out of his hat or ass, GL could blow this guy to oblivion. 

I'm scared to see who they are gonna try and get to play this loser.  If not Copperfield or Blane, maybe Tom Cruise.  The better question is probably who are they going to get to play the rabbit?  Ashton Kutcher might be a good choice.  HaHa... You got PUNK'D!