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It is official, Catwoman will be getting her own movie.  Not Selena Kyle, some other Catwoman.  I guess Halle Berry was a good choice.  Except that she's Storm from X-Men.  We've all heard of the cross overs, but I am personally gonna find it weird to watch Halle play BOTH Catwoman and Storm.  Storm is from Marvel and Catwoman is from DC comics.  I guess they are completely different worlds.  I guess being a hero in one movie just wasn't enough for Halle Berry.  I might get confused, when she's Catwoman, she actually has no powers.  Just a whip.  Kinky...  If she had that in Monster's Ball, Billy Bob would be in trouble.

She's just a normal woman in a cat suit.  The Green Lantern would murder her.  No problem, unless she suddenly threw down the whip in the middle of the fight and started controlling the weather, then she might last more than a minute.