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The Hulk

Oh yeah... real SCARY!  The only thing this guy has going for him is his main color is also green.  Look at me... I'm a 12 foot CGI monster.  If the Green Lantern wanted to kill this guy, he'd only have to hit the delete key.  Honestly, I feel sorry for the actor Eric Bana who "played" the Hulk.  He must be in the movie for a total of 15 minutes.

I recently just watched the Hulk.  It's true, Eric Bana really is in the movie for only about 15 minutes.  The story was kinda lame but the action scenes were pretty cool.  Get this... I never noticed before but the Hulk is actually a lot bigger than that photo leads on.  He's actually kneeling down in the picture. 

The Hulk is SCARY though.  He fights a giant POODLE and manages to win.  Congratulations to the Hulk on that one. 

Overall, this movie wasn't very good.  The Lantern could still murder this fool.