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People Who Cut In Line

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I honestly just HATE these people.  I was waiting in line to pay for my blueberry muffin and this girl cuts in front of me.  The nice guy that I am, I didn't really say anything.  I figure, I'm not really doing anything, I'll let it go.  I figure it's not worth the possible confrontation.


Confrontation could go one of two ways.

1)  She says: "Oh my goodness... I am so very sorry, I did not realize that I so unkindly cut you in line"


2)  I was here first asshole!  BLAH BLAH BLAH


It was going fine, I had accepted this girl's complete bitch of a move UNTIL...  She sees her friend and decides that her friend can pay with her in line as well.  Now I'm staring with my mouth wide open, this girl has no idea what she just did, now not only am I pissed, she's got the poor dude behind me pissed off. 

It gets better...

She AND her friend are both paying for a 1 dollar cup of coffee, with... GET THIS... a credit card.  So now not only do I have to wait for this line cutter and her friend, they both paid with credit card! 

There is no excuse for what happened today, I should have said something, but I'm a wuss.  I'll just use my website to bitch instead.


Hugh says FUCK YOU and so do I.  If you like to cut in line.  We both HATE you.