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Personal Ad for the Sleepy Girl of Your Dreams


Are you totally into girls that just come into class and go to sleep?  Are you really into the girls that wake up during class and ask questions about shit they missed cause they were fucking passed out?  Well you are in luck!  I happen to have just the girl for you!

She's sleepy, she's stupid, and better yet, she's also a rude bitch!

Where can you meet this girl you ask? 

Let me tell you...  She's an engineer at UC Davis!  She's be caught falling asleep multiple times.  She sleeps for everyone else and she'll probably sleep for you too!  She's been observed passing out and trying to lean on the guy to her left!  No joke folks!  I guarantee she'll fall asleep whether you want her to or not! 

Wanna meet this girl now or what?

She's not a picky eater so you can take her anywhere.  She loves to start a carrot stick, take a quick nap, and finished what she missed before she nodded off.  What a fucking catch!  (Seriously!)


Could she get anymore perfect?  OF COURSE!

Not only does this girl sleep in ANY class, she loves to just ask questions and keep her fellow classmates after time has run out.  She'll tell the professor to continue his lecture even when he's done.  Here's the best part.  She'll ask him a specific question to keep everyone there and then leave in the middle of his extended lecture.  The perfect bitch!  I kid you not folks.  Get her while she's still on the market.  (She's going no where fast so you could probably actually take your time.)


*If you happen to be the girl that I'm writing about and you wish to contact me.  Don't.  I'll probably just make fun of you more.