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Bike Cops

What is up with bike cops.  They act like they have their shorts in a bunch all day.  Its probably that seat wedging up their ass 9 hours a day.  I mean really, how happy can you be being continually sodomized by a leather covered object.  I guess some of them enjoy it though, just look at AC Slater from "saved by the bell."  He's actually grinning.  AC likes it! AC likes it!

The other day, I'm skating on campus and this bike "cop" stops me.  Pulls me over (I guess...) and tells me the following.

"You aren't close enough to the side of the road.  You should be on the right side of the road, not the middle."

I guess he's right, but it was a CLOSED road...  No cars can go on this road.  I guess we know what that asshole had riding up his backside.  Those bike seats are uncomfortable in more than one way.