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You Know Who I'm Talking About

Haven't we all met that certain someone who tries so hard to make their day look harder or more stressful than yours when you are complaining?  I don't know about everyone else but when I am complaining, the last thing I need is for some cocky jerk telling me how much harder his day is.  He may just be trying to put his perspective on it, but FUCK man, no one wants to hear it when they are complaining.

Today, some jerkoff did that to me.  He seemed like a nice enough guy, just a little cocky, and when I'm tired and cranky, it doesn't matter how nice you are.  I am whining like a little bitch about how tired I am.  I mean I woke up early and I've had a long day.  So I strolling into the classroom and my TA mentions I look tired.  I reply the normal "I am...  I've had a long day.  I woke up at 8."

This cockwhomper says "We all did."

I'm like "I had a class from 10-12."

"Me too...  And I had to do research in my office until 6."

Well you buttfucker, that's great that you are all happy to just cut people down to size, but Hugh says FUCK YOU.  When you are tired and cranky, the last thing you need is some cocky fucker to cut you down and try to make you look like a little kid.  That's great that you do a lot of work, but I personally am quite tired, I don't give a shit that you still have work to do.

This guy even goes and corrects the TA on the most OBVIOUS shit.  It was understood, but no... you wanted to look smart...  DOUBLE FUCK YOU FROM HUGH!

FUCK YOU.  Even though we'll probably be friends tomorrow.  I hate you today for being a cocky bastard.