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Joke Timing Fiascos


God you know what I'm talking about.  You remember a joke and it's so funny.  But when you are trying to tell this joke to a group of people, you completely fuck up the punch line or the way it should be told and its just not funny anymore.  I mean its still funny to you since you know how it goes, so you continue to laugh alone.  Everyone just stares at you wonder whether it really is that funny or you have just lost your mind.

I can tell you that this is quite an embarrassing thing to have happen to you.  Probably the most embarrassing part is the part where you are absolutely convinced that this joke is hilarious.  You start to explain the joke as if anyone can tell what the fuck you are saying through all that giggling and retarded laughter.  Not only are you cheeks slightly burning now, you are getting desperate!  You want someone to understand how funny the joke is so bad, but everyone is still looking at you like you are a fool.  Not to worry, you didn't lose their respect, you probably never had it.

This happens to me all the time.  Why?  Because I have heard a million and two jokes and I only remember bits and pieces of each joke.  Even if I can remember the entire joke, I have horrible delivery.  I tend to tell the joke in the wrong order and going back and adding in parts is not the way to go.  You would think a person who remembers all the stupidest details that no one else can would be able to remember and tell a simple joke.  Shrug, guess not.

Solution - I should learn to just keep my mouth shut unless I am absolutely sure that I am going to get the joke right.  I could practice telling the joke, but that's totally LAME.  Next time I remember a joke, I'll just keep it to myself.  There's nothing funnier than a guy laughing alone at his own joke.  Pathetic.

I'm sure all of you out there know exactly what I'm talking about, it just doesn't bother you and you don't care.